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51st Annual
Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy
Conducted at
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Law Enforcement Academy
Jefferson City, MO  65101
The American Legion
Department of Missouri
in cooperation with
The Missouri State Highway Patrol
June 10th - 14th, 2024
 Frankie Adams
P.O. Box 179
Jefferson City, MO  65102

It should be unnecessary to say that at the heart of the American system is the nation's dependence upon Law and Order, yet few concepts now are more misunderstood by our society than those which govern the relationships between Freedom and Democracy and Law and Order.
Never in the history of this nation has this relationship been so strained and under attack, but at the same time, never has there been a greater need or opportunity to convey to the general public, and in particular the youth, the need for Law and Order in a dynamic and progressive Democracy. Because of current social unrest and changing life styles in this county, the role of Law Enforcement Agencies in upholding the law needs full understanding and support.
The principle responsibility of our Police authority is to insure all the rights and freedoms of ALL members of our society, and the underlying purpose of The Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy is to provide first hand these principles

It is hoped that the young men and women who participate in The Cadet Patrol Academy will develop favorable attitudes toward law enforcement and will help disseminate these attitudes throughout the community.

Our young people have proven their abilities to think clearly and often to be the staunchest of supporters for moral and legal rights. The Academy gives them the opportunity to see law enforcement practices and concepts at their best.

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